LASER World of Photonics Munich : 26 – 29 June 2017

QiOVA PRESENTS, at the LWOP MUNICH Trade Fair*, its new range of multidot laser heads VULQ1™

Press release


It is official: QiOVA has divided its flagship VULQ1™ innovation into 5 different multidot laser head models: IR, Visible, UV, BroadBand, DualBand.

Protected by a portfolio of international patents, VULQ1™ is an innovative laser head that may be used to turn a laser beam into a set of independent dots controlled spatially and dynamically.


QiOVA is betting on this enhanced offer to confront the new challenges of laser marking and micro-machining proposed by pharmaceutical, aeronautic and even food industries, especially in terms of speeding up and optimizing manufacturing processes, firstly, and reducing production costs, secondly. Thus, multi-beam technologies are presented as unbeatable alternatives or complements to conventional laser beam control technologies but, in certain cases, were not particularly flexible, dedicated to certain wavelengths and fragile at certain powers.

Through the range, VULQ1™ deploys its multidot functions for pulse lasers with different wavelengths and more energy, at the same time opening the way for new applications (traceability, parallel processing, beam shaping, multidot marking in the mass of transparent materials, etc.).


*26-29 June 2017, GERMANY, Pavillon France, booth B3.240/5