High-throughput laser marking solution

Stamp Marking

Stamp marking is the ability to mark 2D patterns, typically 2D barcodes but also pictures or characters, with one single laser pulse.

Stamp marking unleashes dramatic productivity potential for 2D barcode marking, combined with straightforward implementation.

For lot marking, the 2D barcode marking rate is equal to the laser repetition rate, typically reaching several 10’s or 100’s of marking per second!

The pattern size can be down to 100 microns while conserving a perfect readability, even when marking in-line, because all the dots are marked simultaneously.

Stamp marking of 16×16 Datamatrix

Batch product identification on small medical device

Material : PVC polymer

2D Code Type : MICROCODE DM16x16

Cost : <0,0001€/marking

  • Throughput : 77000 parts marked per hour
  • Resolution : DM 16×16 in 570 µm
  • Readable on site with smartphone to allow secure transaction WW and customer support

Full traceability in micro Li-ion batteries production

Material : Epoxy moulding compound

2D Code Type : MICROCODE DM12x12

Cost : <0,0001/marking

  • Optimal operational efficiency with full production traceability
  • Individual marking on product batches, automated, in-line reading
  • Shallow marking: no perturbation to surrounding sensitive parts

Discrete authentication solution on luxury products

Material : Pure gold 99,999%

2D Code Type : MICROCODE AZTEC 23×23

Cost : 0,001€ / marking

  • Cost-effective authentication solution : authenticating information is hidden in the marking
  • Customer owns encryption key
  • Readable on-site with smartphone based reading solution


Discrete individual traceability on medical glass packaging (UDI)

Material : Borosilicate glass

2D Code Type : GSI : 10 digits, DMI 14×14

Cost : 0,2c € / marking

  • 20 unique codes per second for serialization
  • Semi-invisible marking : no perturbation to in-line screening easy to read
  • Direct cold marking, without micro-cracking, 1mm depth of focus

Developping customer engagement on high-end liquors

Material : Soda-lime glass

2D Code Type : QR Code, 29×29

Cost : 4c € / marking

  • 12mm size QR code in <2s
  • Direct reading with smartphone
  • Perfect marking quality for superior brand image

Creating direct connection with customers in consumer goods

Material : Coated Aluminium, HDPE polymer

QR Code : 12mm

Laser : Pulsed IR or green laser

  • Marking time < 150 ms
  • Direct reading with smartphone camera