VULQ1 standard offering

VULQ1 is a programmable laser beam shaping OEM system designed for industrial applications

Powered by QiOVA’s patented Multibeam technology, VULQ1 generates a set of 10, 100 or 1000 of beamlets from one single Gaussian laser beam. Beamlets energy and location are controlled independently by the software, in a dynamic manner

1 laser shot 1 unique shape

Live demonstration of dynamic laser beam shaping with VULQ1

A VULQ1 system is composed of 3 main components:
1- The VULQ1 laser head
2- The Qelec controller
3- The BeamForge software

VULQ1 laser head

There are 3 models in the standard product offering :

  • VULQ1-BBD-P010: product designed for maximum flexibility. Large spectral range spanning visible to near infra-red. Best-selling product for laboratories and application development.
  • VULQ1-NIR-P050: designed for marking applications, with the highest energy handling capability.
  • VULQ1-NIR-P100: designed for high power micromachining applications, highest power handling capacity. This system is water-cooled

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Specifications of the VULQ1 standard offering

Download VULQ1 datasheet here