BeamForge software

BeamForge offers a set of tools allowing the user to generate, post-process and display optimized beam patterns within minutes, without any expertise.

PixMap tool allows to create and optimize energy distribution of the desired pattern interactively. The preview screen offers live control before effectively shooting on the sample.

BeamForge includes the tools to go around the typical SLM-related process limitations, like the influence of the 0th diffraction order or the inhomogeneity of the energy distribution.

Comparison of parallel micro-drilling in stainless steel with nanosecond IR laser
Top: with a SLM, user typically get parasitic effect of the 0th diffraction order and inhomogeneous energy distribution
Bottom: with VULQ1 and BeamForge, processing quality is optimal

BeamForge can be operated as the primary software interface or be seamlessly embedded in your software environment.

BeamForge software is delivered with the VULQ1 system.
Standard version of the software includes the pattern generation and modifications tools, basic laser control as well as a script to synchronize functions and automate processes.

Optional translation stage control tab, showing here XYZ axis control

Optional plug-ins can be integrated to control scanner, stages or vision tools.