Company presentation

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Who we are

QiOVA is a French high-tech company specialized in the field of laser and photonics.

Founded in 2011, QiOVA has been pioneering the development of programmable laser beam shaping for high power and high energy applications.

QiOVA is headquartered in Saint-Etienne, in the region of Lyon, in a hotbed of French technology. Flagship of French industry in the XIXe century, Saint-Etienne successfully managed its reconversion to high-technology and industrial design over the last 40 years. Top-tier universities and engineering schools are located next door to QiOVA, as well as leading industrial companies like HEF or Nestle.

Our activity

QiOVA designs and delivers high-throughput laser processing solutions for the industry of the future. Dynamic laser beam shaping will not only scale up the throughput of your laser processing application, but also the profitability of your business.

QiOVA introduced the first product line dedicated to industrial applications in 2014, named VULQ1. VULQ1 is based on a patented digital beam shaping technology, which uniquely combines ultra-high-speed processing capabilities with outstanding operational flexibility.

Key applications markets are found today in laser marking and laser micromachining, with new applications growing in the fields of additive 3D microfabrication or glass soldering.

VULQ1 unique performance allow to set up traceability at the individual product level where it was not possible before. In the pharmaceutical market, individual pill marking will significantly contribute to public health fight against counterfeited drugs. In the electronics domain, traking and tracing individual electronics components will significantly improve the recycling of Electronical and Electronic Waste (EEW), which contain significant amount of hazardous materials.

Applied to micromachining, VULQ1 allows to scale up process productivity by orders of magnitude with process parallelization. The flexibility offered by the digitally interchangeable laser tool creates opportunities for shorter time-to-market and faster return on investment. Typical applications are found in surface texturing for aeronautics and solar industries, or ultra-high speed micro-holes drilling for pharmaceutical or biomedical devices.

Our Philosophy

QiOVA is committed to develop a sustainable and mutually profitable business with its customers through continuous innovation and close cooperation.

We are proud to support our customers from the original ideation to the final solution. Thanks to our laser application expertise and application development laboratories, we are able to translate our customer wishes into actionable proposals to help them move forward with their project.

Our institutional partners

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