QiOVA has an expertise in laser marking and micromachining.

Our R&D team was trained in fondamental and applied research giving us a strong technical expertise and know-how in the fields of laser, optics in general – and laser beam shaping in particular – as well as in laser/matter interaction. We are aslo strongly relevant in machine vision adapted to industrial marking/reading processes.

We provide our clients with technical assistance and know-how in the design of innovative tools dedicated to traceability. Understanding and/or optimizing new processes and their industrialization is our daily work.

We are particularly specialized in new processes and tools allowing :

  • High-speed laser marking based on beam shaping techniques
  • Bulk/sub-surface marking of transparent materials (glass, plexiglass, PS, etc.) without add-in
  • Surface texturation for controled visual rendering, either by surface colorization or optical function (dispersion, diffraction, etc.)

We maintain close relations with public research labs and university to continuously develop new solutions.