VULQ1 Multibeam laser marking solutions

Faster. More accurate. On any materials.


The new generation of industrial marking solution

QiOVA designs smart industrial laser processing solutions, uniquely combining precision with superior throughput.

Our tools are dynamically configurable by software to fit the application requirements at any step along the production process.

The VULQ1 multibeam marking solution line-up is based on the patented multibeam technology, allowing to mark 2D patterns – datamatrix, alphanumeric –

in a single laser pulse !
VULQ1 unique capabilities enable individual product identification with minimal cost and ecological footprint. Typical applications are anti-counterfeiting, customer engagement or tracking & tracing of components.

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Fully dedicated to the success of your project, our team provides expert support from the ideation until your application is up and running (consulting, process development, training, after-sales).
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A few references

" I have rarely seen a project so well done, from conception to completion. Thank you to Qiova for all the work done and this cooperation always so reactive, efficient and in a good mood "
Romain M.
Innovation project Manager for market-leading comany in the packaging sector